Energy Management Policy

At ISG Airport Hotel, our establishment uses electricity and natural gas for energy purposes. To ensure energy conservation, we implement energyefficient practices throughout the premises. Energy-saving bulbs are used in all areas of the facility, and LED lighting is installed in the main restaurant and common spaces. Motion or light-sensitive lighting systems are utilized in staff areas, public restrooms, storerooms, and similar locations.
The hotel operates a central heating and cooling system that is automatically controlled. Room entry is managed through a card system, and there is a timing control system in the sauna. Regular calibration of measuring devices and cold storage units is conducted.
We engage an Electrical Engineer registered with the Chamber of Electrical Engineers for external services, adhering to the Energy Efficiency Law. Records of all energy consumption are maintained by the Technical Services Department. Precautionary measures for potential accidents resulting from the types of energy used and the actions to be tak