Our Privacy Commitment


We as a company carried out its trade activities at Sanayi Mah. Havaalanı İç Yolu Caddesi Kapı No:1 İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport Terminal Building Management Floor Pendik 34906 İstanbul – Turkey and having 0481054178000019 and 0481054257100018 central registration number and titled İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Uluslararası Havalimanı Yatırım Yapım ve İşletme AŞ (“ISG”) and SGC Havalimanı İşletmeleri Ticaret ve Turizm AŞ (“SGC”) (ISG and SGC will be named as “Company” jointly or severally in this document) accept all data received from our users (“User”) as confidential information, keep, record and use in accordance with legal requirements which we are subjected.

Our company accepts and commits
a) To protect information disclosed to us, our employees, sub employees and other third parties who worked affiliated to us in confidence and to use to the extent required by the services to be provided,
b) Not to give and/or disclose to any third party under no circumstances except the circumstances where the user allows and legal obligations and where gets service from outside in order to fulfill commercial relationship,
c) Not to use except the purposes of commercial relationship between them directly or indirectly,

Our company accepts and commits to show the same attention how it has shown in protection of its confidential information, however also to show for the protection of confidential information of the user not to be less than threshold of commercial reasonable attention in any case. The company can give these information solely compulsory situations and to its employees, sub employees and other persons working affiliated to it who should learn this information as a part of his/her job; however, it is responsible from its employees, sub employees and other persons working affiliated to it against to the User in relation to the confidentiality of the information.

Our company accepts and commits to warn employees, sub employees and other persons working affiliated to it and to ensure that such persons are not acted improperly to the this contractual obligations and in case of such persons has acted improperly to the confidential obligation undertaken with this agreement, our company will be responsible and to indemnify damages specified in final court order of the user in advance.

Your following information are not included in the definition of confidential information:

a. Public information,
b. Information or experiences developed or obtained independently from the user,
c. Information that the information receiver has known or possessed in accordance with the law before sharing of the user,
d. Information that should be disclosed in accordance with law or regulation in force or court and/or arbitrator decision, administrative order given.

Our site infrastructure has been equipped with advanced level communication protocols and protection programs both to keep your information safely and to make shopping from our web site with pleasure. Thus, your information which you used during payment stage can be encoded automatically and transferred to your bank in this manner.

We work with security companies which have worldwide reliability on data protection and encoding in compliance with our legal obligations and provide service to you with these standards.