Our Cookie Policy


1- What is Cookie?

The cookie are small text files which we use in order to collect information at our web site and internet browsers and to create summary of your preferences and placed in your computer, phones or any kind of other device. In addition to these text files, the software which makes descriptive functions as cookies or other labels.

These cookies scan and arrange data related to the pages which you visited and aim to make web site user friendly for you. When doing these, they don’t damage to your device.

For Which Purpose Does the Cookies Use?

The cookies generally are used for the functioning of web page and mobile application properly. The session cookies and persistent cookies are used at our internet site and mobile application.

The session cookies stop working when you close your browser. The persistent cookies are remained in your hard disk for a long time.

The main aim of the cookies is to improve of your visit experience of visiting our mobile application and web site, to customize for you and to offer suggestions starting your previous preferences.

The cookies are used to identify you requests and problems, to finalize your searches rapidly, to keep data related to your preferences, to verify your account, to determine your login into the account.

Also, we can benefit from cookies in order to keep you safe and secure while surfing between pages.

In line with your consent, we use cookies in order to develop advertisements which we will share with you when you enter to the site and mobile application. For example, we can publish advertisements to you by using cookies in case of you buy product by visiting our web site or use our applications. Also, we use cookies in order to measure the performance of these advertisement campaigns. Likewise, we also benefit from cookies to count how many times an advertisement or product visual and to create statistics related to them.

2- Which Information We Don’t Record To Our Cookies?

Your personal data in sensitive nature such as address, pin code, credit card or debit card information are not recorded to the cookies.

3- Who Does Use Cookies?

We use cookies collected over https://www.isgairporthotel.com web site as companies titled Sabiha Gökçen Uluslararası Havalimanı Yatırım Yapım ve İşletme A.Ş “ISG” and SGC Havalimanı İşletmeleri Ticaret ve Turizm AŞ “SGC” (ISG and SGC will be named as “Company” jointly or severally in this document). Also, the companies which we affiliated, our business partners which we fulfill their web site agreements and our merchant assistants such as agency, commercial representatives and commercial attorneys who work affiliated to us.

4- Can the Third Parties Use Cookies Related to Our Web Site?

Our business partners having cooperation with us or external organizations which only give advertisements in our web site without having any cooperation can use third party cookies in order to improve or develop experiences of the user during visiting of our web site. The information stored from all cookies except this is used only by us.

The main aim of the third party cookies is to obtain access statistics and ensure payment transaction guaranty. If you would like to examine how to use these cookies, please review the own principles of the party used this cookie.

5- Cookies Prevention

The cookies being files created by web sites which you have visited and the memory cache helped loading of pages faster provides to browse easier to internet.

Due to that clean of the memory cache of your browser and cookies (such as user names and pin codes) are required to delete settings of web site and reload of all pictures, it means some sites appear a little bit slower.

If you would not like to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings in the manner that would be announced to you when taking cookies or you can reject cookies completely. Also, you can delete cookies sent to you.

If you would like to prevent or to restrict web browser cookies on the device, you can make this transaction from web browser settings. “Help” option in your browser is given information related to prevention and restriction of web browser cookies.

The methods shown in the following links can be used for computer, Android and IOS activation and restriction application of most frequently used browsers.

and you can reach the necessary information to carry out this transaction at different desktop computer browsers from www.aboutcookies.org address.