Child Rights Policy

At ISG Airport Hotel, we consider children as the custodians of our future.Respecting their rights, safeguarding against any form of psychological, physical, commercial, or other exploitation is our foremost responsibility.
To ensure this:
• Our hotel strictly prohibits and will never permit child labor. We expect the same level of commitment from all our business partners, stakeholders, and suppliers. We strictly adhere to the International Labour Organization (ILO) definition of child labor, and we do not condone the employment of children in jobs that deprive them of their childhood, potential, dignity, or that may harm their physical or mental development.
• Within our premises, we provide an environment and facilities that contribute to the development of guest children, allowing them to freely express their thoughts, desires, and emotions, making them feel comfortable and at ease.
• We educate our employees on preventing and identifying child abuse.
• We ensure that there is adult supervision during activities involving guest children.
• We conduct training sessions to raise awareness about child rights protection and provide support to relevant projects.
• In the event of witnessing any suspicious actions concerning children, we promptly inform the hotel management and seek assistance from the appropriate authorities as necessary.