Sexual Exploitation and Harassment Policy

ISG Airport Hotel has developed this policy to ensure protection against exploitation, abuse, and harassment applied to our staff, guests, children, and local protected communities. Sexual exploitation, abuse, harassment, discrimination, and unfair pressures and practices in the workplace are collectively referred to as inappropriate behavior.

At ISG Airport Hotel, we commit to supporting the implementation of this policy through the following pledges:
1. To develop standard procedures and protocols concerning sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment into orientation and training programs.
2. To provide orientation to employees on this subject within the shortest possible time, ideally within the first month following the start of employment.
3. To conduct background checks and inquiries into past records and convictions, within the applicable laws, to prevent the rehiring and assignment of perpetrators of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.
4. To evaluate claims and complaints of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment based on statements, taking appropriate steps in a neutral manner that protects individuals.
5. To adhere to the processes outlined in feedback and complaint mechanisms.
6. To review policies aimed at preventing and responding to sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment at least every three years.
7. To inform our guests about behavioral guidelines concerning sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment that align with local protected groups or societal sensitivities in the region