Health and Safety Policy

This policy reflects ISG Airport Hotel’s commitment to providing a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for its guests and employees. We pledge to continuously review and update our health and safety standards to maintain the highest level of facility maintenance.
At ISG Airport Hotel, we highly prioritize health and safety standards, declaring our commitment to preserving the health of our guests and employees. The well-being of both guests and employees is of paramount importance to us.

Cleanliness and Disinfection:
• All rooms, common areas, restaurants, and other indoor spaces in our hotel are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
• High-touch surfaces, particularly elevator buttons, door handles, reception desks, and common restrooms, are cleaned and disinfected more frequently.
• Our cleaning materials are carefully chosen to ensure effective virus and bacteria eradication.

Hygiene and Hand Washing:
• Handwashing stations, disinfectant stations, and hygiene supplies are easily accessible throughout the hotel for both guests and employees.
• Our employees are trained in regular handwashing practices and are obliged to follow guidelines in this regard.
• Hand sanitizers are available in corridors to encourage our guests, accompanied by informational materials on this topic.

Social Distancing:
• Appropriate social distancing measures are implemented in common areas, restaurants, and meeting spaces within our hotel.
• Restaurants and seating areas are arranged to ensure distance between tables and adhere to capacity limitations.

Meetings and Events:
• Meetings and events are organized in compliance with necessary social distancing regulations.

Health Screenings and Isolation:
• Our employees undergo regular health screenings, and any displaying symptoms are isolated.
• Guests might be requested to participate in health screenings before making a reservation or upon entry to our hotel.
• Dedicated isolation rooms are available for symptomatic guests.

Communication and Information:
• Brochures and posters providing current health measures information are available throughout our hotel.
• We regularly provide guests and employees with updated health-related information.
• For any questions or concerns regarding health and safety, our 24-hour staff at the reception desk are available for assistance.