Energy Efficiency Policy

At ISG Airport Hotel, we conscientiously utilize our energy resources and establish objectives to reduce energy consumption in an effort to protect our planet from potential threats. To achieve this:
• We adhere to national and international standards, laws, and regulations to fulfill both our environmental responsibilities and legal obligations. We voluntarily engage in activities aimed at reducing energy consumption and/or continuously improving our energy performance, while monitoring the outcomes of these initiatives.
• We set objectives and integrate energy efficiency into our training programs to ensure the active participation of our employees.
• Collaboration with all stakeholders for the establishment of common goals and outcomes in energy management is crucial. We strive to maintain interaction with our guests, employees, visitors, and all business partners to collectively raise awareness and consciousness regarding energy efficiency.
• Researching and procuring energy-efficient products, equipment, facilities, and alternative technologies are integral parts of our efforts.
• Our aim is to document our Energy Management System, disseminate it across all departments, periodically update it as required, review it regularly, and continually improve upon it.
• We assess potential energy risks or emergencies such as energy shortages and devise contingency plans accordingly.