Our Sustainability Policy

As ISG AIRPORT HOTEL, our goal is to increase environmental awareness, preserve natural and cultural resources, protect the environment, take a leading role in social responsibility projects, support local businesses and producers, and enhance sustainable tourism by promoting local products and preserving environmental quality in the region within the Living Kitchen Project.

We have laid the foundations of our strategy with the aim of ensuring that all our activities, supported by both our employees and the local community, contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment for future generations to thrive in.

We meticulously ensure that every service provided at our facility prioritizes the safety and health of our employees and guests. We uphold the principles of Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety, working in line with our set objectives to ensure the effective implementation of this approach.

We commit to providing safe food, from the procurement to the presentation of every item, by fulfilling legal requirements and guest conditions, ensuring the safety of both our guests and staff, for every food served at our facility.

To protect nature within our facility and prevent the environmental impact of our operations, we comply with Environmental Legal Regulations and guest conditions. We pledge to contribute to waste separation and disposal and control unnecessary water, electricity, energy, and chemical consumption as required by legal regulations.

We select and evaluate suppliers in procurement processes, considering environmental factors.

We recognize the significant role our staff plays in fulfilling these policies and prioritize their training and development. Understanding that a well-trained, knowledgeable, confident, respectful, and continuous workforce will significantly influence guests’ preference for our facility, we continuously review and improve our guest and management systems.

We ensure the collection, temporary storage, recycling, disposal, and post-disposal control of every type of waste generated within our facility based on its characteristics. We regularly organize staff training to ensure the correct use of chemicals in the right amounts and provide the necessary equipment and storage conditions.

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