General Policies

At ISG Airport Hotel, we believe that we can demonstrate our quality in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry through our emphasis on guest satisfaction. We regularly monitor our guests’ satisfaction levels, and we fulfill our services in accordance with the Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety Management System requirements based on guest requests and suggestions.

We take care to ensure that every service provided in our facility prioritizes the safety and health of both our staff and guests. We adhere to the set targets in Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety, ensuring the effective implementation of this understanding.

We commit to providing safe food at every stage from procurement to presentation, following the necessary legal regulations and guest conditions for the safety of our guests and staff for every food item offered in our facility.

In our operations, we comply with Environmental Legislation and guest conditions to protect nature and prevent adverse effects on the environment. We commit to segregating and contributing to the disposal of any waste generated during our activities, and controlling unnecessary water, electricity, energy, and chemical usage as part of our commitment.

During procurement processes, suppliers are selected and evaluated considering environmental factors.

We recognize the significant role our staff plays in fulfilling these policies  and prioritize their training and development. We believe that a trained, knowledgeable, confident, respectful, and constantly improving human resource will play a crucial role in guests choosing our facility. Therefore, we continually review and improve our guest services and management

We ensure the proper collection, temporary storage, recycling, disposal, and post-disposal control of every form of waste generated on our premises, based on its characteristics.

We regularly conduct staff training to ensure the correct use of chemicals, providing necessary equipment and storage conditions.

We follow and implement technological advancements to ensure the proper utilization of natural resources.

We regularly monitor our water, electricity, and chemical consumption, implementing corrective and preventive actions in case of deviations.
At ISG Airport Hotel, we inform our guests about all our sustainable environmental initiatives. We encourage and invite them to participate in our social and communal efforts. Through questions related to the environment in our guest satisfaction surveys, we collect feedback to enhance our practices further.

Our aim is to support sustainable tourism through our initiatives, making a difference as much as we can to enhance quality and contribute to preserving the resources needed in the business world.