Social Harmony Policy

ISG Airport Hotel is dedicated to supporting and collaborating with the local community. We are committed to conducting all our services at the facility in a manner that helps preserve and promote the culture, heritage, and local economy of the destination.
We believe that maintaining constant communication with the local community contributes to the welfare and improvement of their living environment.
Our goals include supporting initiatives that enhance the local economy and community, respecting and preserving local culture, traditions, and ways of life.

To achieve our objectives:
• We encourage our guests to explore the destination’s history, culture, traditions, and local products and services offered in conjunction with the local community.
• We provide guidance to our guests on responsible behavior towards the local community, flora, and fauna outside the facility.
• Whenever possible, we prioritize the use of local and regional products and services, as specified in our procurement policy.
• We offer employment opportunities to the local community by preferring to hire individuals residing locally during the recruitment process.
• Recognizing the importance of social responsibility and our leadership role in society, we engage in social responsibility projects.
• We commit to continuously improving all our efforts related to social harmony within our facility and in the community